About Us

DEJ Interiors is a manufacturing supplier of finest quality home and office furniture, producing locally manufactured, world class products with the added benefit of select and exclusive components.

With 25 years of experience, a wide range of products for every application and a substantial production capacity, neatly tied up with dynamic leadership and initiative.

Directors Daniel and Elize Tavares, had a clear vision for DEJ Interiors at its’ inception in 2007, to provide  a start to finish office furniture solutions company, designing, prototyping, manufacturing, assembling and marketing of world class furnishings.

It is safe to say that Daniel was destined to be a pioneering market leader in this field, as a teenager working the lathe at a company then owned by his father, with every turn, cut and bend he learned the strengths and weaknesses in the components that  his father’s company was supplying the office furniture industry. It was only a matter of time before Daniel’s vision out grew his current station as he rose through the ranks. The inevitable was a group of companies encompassing all aspects of the office furniture industry, thus, the genesis of Interseat, DEJ Interiors and Interplastics.

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